Martin Muller - The new man

A new order of being

The Science of The Soul


Who is Martin Muller?

Martin Muller (1912-1990) considered himself more as an awakener of souls or, expressed differently, an awakener of the Christ in all of us, different than a trainer who follows step-by-step the development of his students.

He went to the University of Geneva to study psychology and specialized in professional career adviser. This is when he discovered that by using more esoteric means, like direct perception, astrology, etc., he was far more effective than by using his regular academic formation. With the help of his wife, he began to teach groups, inspired by Steiner and Theosophy.

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The New Man - a new order of being

Martin was a master teacher in Ontology, the science of Being. His teachings give us the tools and insights to develop the awareness of our own divine identity.

Three aspects of Martins teachings, in successive periods form the book.


The Christian mystique: The Lectures at Epalinges.


The psychology of Being: Prelude to the New Man.


The training the awareness of Christ Presence.

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The New Man by Martin Muller